What Is This Attribution About?

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Welcome to Unattributed! This is a website dedicated to discussing, reviewing, and commentating on various forms of media. Typical content for this site will be:

  • Commentary on current topics.
  • Deep dives in subjects that have grabbed my attention.
  • Reviews of things that don’t fit on my other websites (like CerebralRift).
  • Interviews: anyone that might be of interest to a topic / subject that has captured my attention.
  • Specialty emphasis on Open Culture, Free Culture, and related subjects. (Although this site is not a specifically about Open Culture.)
  • Other random pieces…

Who Runs This Site?

Hello, let me introduce myself: I am Unattributed, aka George. I am the founder, editor and lead writer of Unattributed. I’ve been writing, talking and podcasting about Creative Commons, Open Culture, and Open Source software for over 20 years,

During these 20 years, I have been interviewed on podcasts and been a contributing member of a podcast. I’ve run my own Creative Commons based music podcast (CerebralMix) and an experimental / netlable (CerebalAudio).

About the Content

This website is kind of the catch-all for everything that doesn’t fit on my other websites. For example, I’ve recently become interested in Japanese rock, experimental and western-style classical music. Writing articles that talk about the development of J-Rock and Western Classical music from the 1950’s to today is definitely not something that would fit any of the other sites in this little collective. So writing something about those topics here would be appropriate.

There is a really wide range of things that I will probably be writing about here: technology, current events, random topics of interest, books / literature, personal improvement, programming, writing, game development, etc. The fact is that this will probably be a very eclectic site when it comes to content based on the range of topics and projects that I find myself interested in.

You may be asking: why not start a YouTube or TikTok channel? Honestly, I have not ruled that out. However, this site’s eclectic content isn’t very likely going to make for a good streaming / media content where there needs to be some focus to attract an audience. However, the concept developing a TikTok or YouTube / streaming channel based on some of the content from this site is in the back of my mind.


So, I guess where I am going with this site is that it’s somewhat like a personal journal of whatever is on my mind. However, unlike a personal journal there will be more formalized writing of topics going on here. Where my personal journal is where ideas and thoughts tend to germinate, I plan to make the articles, essays, reviews published here more formal. While there will still be a lot of thought-work and opinions being stated, I hope to back up all of the concepts I present with research (even if it’s only a matter of spending a few hours on the web looking more deeply than what can be found on WikiPedia).

All this being said, hopefully you will find the random assortment of content on this site of be of interest. And if you want to talk to me about any of these topics, I can always be reached on several social media platforms as listed in the contact page.